Microwave Grilled Lamb

Microwave Grilled Lamb

by My name is Taoyao

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I can’t help but want to eat barbecue. I don’t have an oven at home and I can do it with a microwave! Toothpick version roast lamb~


Microwave Grilled Lamb

1. Wash the lamb and cut into small pieces. Cut the ginger into small particles, or use ginger slices directly, and marinate in the lamb.

2. Then add barbecue ingredients, a small amount of salt, olive oil, marinate for a while, string it up with a toothpick, and put it on a plate.

Microwave Grilled Lamb recipe

3. Put it in the microwave oven, select the grill function, start to grill, take it out once in the middle, pour out the grilled water, and add appropriate amount of grilling ingredients and oil. Be careful not to dry out.

Microwave Grilled Lamb recipe


1. The microwave oven used must have a barbecue function. Without a microwave oven, it is also good to use a frying pan to make teppanyaki.
2. Other meats are also suitable, but be careful not to roast them dry.
3. Generally, there is salt in the grilling ingredients, add appropriate amount according to personal taste.


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