Milk Bread

Milk Bread

by freesiaa-made

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Milky bread~

Milk Bread

1. After the fermentation is complete, exhaust the gas and divide it into two parts

Milk Bread recipe

2. Round and let stand for 15 minutes

Milk Bread recipe

3. Roll the dough into a circle of about 1cm, fold both sides in half toward the middle

Milk Bread recipe

4. Fold the dough up and down to the middle at the same time, pinch the joint position

Milk Bread recipe

5. Conversely, it is slightly shaped and placed in a warm and humid place for second fermentation (you can put a pot of hot water in the oven for fermentation)
Fermented to twice the size (about 1 hour)

Milk Bread recipe

6. Take it out, make a few cuts vertically with the tip of a knife, sprinkle with powdered sugar on the surface

Milk Bread recipe


Milk Bread recipe

8. Put dry yeast into warm milk, add a spoonful of sugar (in the serving size)
Let stand for 10 minutes, a dense layer of small bubbles will form on the surface

Milk Bread recipe

9. Except butter and powdered sugar, all the ingredients are mixed, kneaded into a smooth dough that is not sticky, and then continue to knead to the expansion stage (use a mixer at medium speed, 8-10 minutes, and it will have a certain degree of toughness, but it cannot be pulled. Take out the film) Add butter and wait for the butter to be eaten (the kneader is at medium speed for 3-5 minutes). Cover with a damp cloth, let it warm and ferment to 2-2.5 times its size, poke a hole in the middle , The noodles do not shrink, it means that the fermentation is done

Milk Bread recipe


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