【milk Corn Juice】

【milk Corn Juice】

by Poetic heart

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Corn is a good health product in coarse grains.

It is very beneficial to the health of the human body,

It is rich in vitamin C, etc.,

It has longevity and beauty effects.

The nutrients contained in corn embryo tip can enhance human metabolism,

Adjust the function of the nervous system.

It can make the skin tender and smooth, inhibit and delay wrinkles.

In addition, corn has the effects of regulating the appetite, lowering blood fat and lowering serum cholesterol.

The squeezed corn juice is not only bright in color, delicate in taste, and rich in nutrients, it is very suitable for breakfast or afternoon tea. "


【milk Corn Juice】

1. Prepare corn and milk. The amount depends on your needs. If you like milk with a stronger flavor, you can also add the amount of milk.

【milk Corn Juice】 recipe

2. The corn is cleaned and the corn kernels are peeled off.

【milk Corn Juice】 recipe

3. Put the corn kernels into the soup pot, add water to cover the corn kernels for about 1 cm, and cook for about 15 minutes until fully cooked.

【milk Corn Juice】 recipe

4. After the boiled corn kernels are cooked, the amount of water will be slightly less.

【milk Corn Juice】 recipe

5. Install the juicer, turn on the switch, and then put in the boiled corn kernels from the feeding port. When putting it, add water and corn together. It is best to use a spoon to beat the corn juice. Degree is better.

【milk Corn Juice】 recipe

6. During the juicing process, the juice residue will separate automatically.

【milk Corn Juice】 recipe

7. The color of the squeezed corn juice is bright and delicate. In fact, you can drink it directly at this time, but I like to add milk and mix it well before serving it to the children.

【milk Corn Juice】 recipe


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