Milk Stew

Milk Stew

by Shredded Potato Burrito

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This little dessert is suitable for everyone, regardless of age.
A creamy and delicate milk custard that melts in your mouth. Simple and delicious, people can't eat enough.
I made it with green soil eggs, wow, khaka, it’s really great.
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@美食杰Milk stewed eggs, sweet and moist, melts in your mouth~


Milk Stew

1. The ingredients are ready, the native eggs I used are not big, if the eggs are bigger, you can add a little more milk

Milk Stew recipe

2. Pour the sugar into the milk and heat it to warm, stir until the sugar is melted

Milk Stew recipe

3. Beaten eggs

Milk Stew recipe

4. Pour the egg liquid into the milk pot and beat evenly

Milk Stew recipe

5. Find a suitable container with good heat conduction, pour the milk and egg liquid, and filter it twice with a sieve

Milk Stew recipe

6. Cover the surface of the bowl with plastic wrap, and pierce a few small holes on the surface with a toothpick

Milk Stew recipe

7. Put cold water in the pot, put the bowl in the steamer, cover, and steam for 15 minutes on high heat.

Milk Stew recipe


The material of the custard container is different, and the time required is different. You need to grasp the time by yourself. The amount of sugar can be placed according to your usual preference. I think the amount of sugar required is just right, sweet but not greasy, and it is delicious. Will eat again, more delicious.
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@美食杰Milk stewed eggs, sweet and moist, melts in your mouth~


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