Milk Tortillas

Milk Tortillas

by Yingtai Li Yan

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I bought cornmeal and thought that eating whole grains occasionally is good for my health, so I studied how to do it quickly and easily.


Milk Tortillas

1. Milk and sugar melted

Milk Tortillas recipe

2. Corn flour into the pot

Milk Tortillas recipe

3. Add an egg to the milk and beat well

Milk Tortillas recipe

4. Slowly pour the cornmeal and make a batter

Milk Tortillas recipe

5. Brush the pan with thin oil, pour a large spoonful of batter, the spoon is slightly higher and it can make a circle

Milk Tortillas recipe

6. Both sides can be baked into a pot

Milk Tortillas recipe


The batter is slightly thinner, don't mix it too dry.
When you pour the batter into the pot, the large spoon is slightly higher and it can form a round shape.
Be sure to fry slowly throughout the whole process, so that the fire will batter.


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