Milk Two-color Toast

Milk Two-color Toast

by Lattice 07

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Everyone knows the nutritional value of milk. In addition to drinking it directly, you can also make a lot of food~~~Milk toast, milk is added, and the flavor of milk is right, and the taste is even better~~

The following recipe is suitable for making two learning kitchen water cube molds, or one 450g toast.


Milk Two-color Toast

1. Prepare materials

Milk Two-color Toast recipe

2. Put the main dough ingredients, except butter and salt, into the bread machine and knead to the expansion stage.

Milk Two-color Toast recipe

3. Add butter and salt and knead until complete.

Milk Two-color Toast recipe

4. The film can be pulled out.

Milk Two-color Toast recipe

5. Divide the dough into 4 portions, add red yeast rice powder and matcha powder to the two portions and knead well. Cover 4 portions of dough with plastic wrap at room temperature for basic fermentation.

Milk Two-color Toast recipe

6. Prove to double the size, and vent the dough.

Milk Two-color Toast recipe

7. Round and relax for 15 minutes.

Milk Two-color Toast recipe

8. Take a white dough and roll it out into a square slightly larger than the mold.

Milk Two-color Toast recipe

9. Take a green dough, roll it into a smaller square, place it on the white dough, and press the two dough together.

Milk Two-color Toast recipe

10. Put red bean paste on the green dough.

Milk Two-color Toast recipe

11. Roll up from top to bottom, squeeze the mouth tightly.

Milk Two-color Toast recipe

12. Cut the dough from the middle, pinch the mouth tightly, and put the cut surface into the mold in the same direction.

Milk Two-color Toast recipe

13. Put the cut surfaces into the mold in the same direction. (Red dough operation is the same)

Milk Two-color Toast recipe

14. Perform two shots in a warm and humid place.

Milk Two-color Toast recipe

15. Cover the toast cover when it reaches 9 minutes full and put it in the preheated oven at 200 degrees for 30 minutes.

Milk Two-color Toast recipe

16. Pour it out immediately, let it cool, and store it in a bag.

Milk Two-color Toast recipe


1. The temperature in the square is for reference only, and the temperature of my oven is low.
2. The amount of liquid in the square should be adjusted according to the actual situation.


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