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How to make it (muffin)

1. Separate the white and egg yolk and put them in a water-free and oil-free bowl, drop a few drops of white vinegar into the white vinegar
muffin recipe
2. Pour egg yolks into milk, salt, sugar, corn oil and mix well
muffin recipe
3. Sift the low flour into the egg yolk paste, and stir evenly by tossing
muffin recipe
4. The egg whites are added three times with fine sugar and beaten into an egg head. Just lift it up and have a big sharp corner.
muffin recipe
5. Take one-third of the egg white paste and stir evenly with the egg yolk paste, and then mix the remaining two-thirds evenly, do not over-mix, so that the egg white defoaming will not be soft
muffin recipe
6. Turn a non-stick pan on low heat, take a large spoon, one spoon at a time, the batter should be poured quickly, not a little bit, otherwise it will form a circle of marks, wait until bubbles appear on the batter (as shown in the picture). Face up
muffin recipe
7. After all is fried, you can drizzle with yogurt and put your favorite fruit on it. You can start it. Is it super soft?
muffin recipe

The muffins without baking powder are softer


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