Mushroom Rice

Mushroom Rice

by Niu Ma Kitchen

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In the cold morning, after coming out of the warm bed. The only thing I want to do is to drink some light and warm soup base. After seeing the cold rice at home, there are still some leftovers. After finishing it, you can create a bowl of rich and flavorful rice. After washing and cutting, a mushroom bubble as shown in the picture is completed.
The process is so simple, but the taste is extremely delicious. A bowl of stomach, it seems to be very beautiful early in the morning."

Mushroom Rice

1. Prepare cold rice, mushrooms, minced meat, and lettuce.

Mushroom Rice recipe

2. Wash the mushrooms and soak them in salt water for five minutes.

Mushroom Rice recipe

3. Add water to the soup pot and boil the mushrooms that have been soaked in salt water.

Mushroom Rice recipe

4. Cover and cook until the soup base reopens.

Mushroom Rice recipe

5. After the soup is boiling, put the cold rice in the pot.

Mushroom Rice recipe

6. Cook until the soup base is reopened again, and the soup base is slightly white. Put the minced meat in the pan.

Mushroom Rice recipe

7. At the same time, put the lettuce in the pot.

Mushroom Rice recipe

8. Add appropriate amount of salt to taste.

Mushroom Rice recipe

9. Turn off the heat and add an appropriate amount of sesame oil.

Mushroom Rice recipe

10. A delicious and flavorful mushroom rice is completed.

Mushroom Rice recipe


Soak the mushrooms in salt water, one for cleaning and the other for washing white mushrooms.

After the cold rice is cooked, cook it slightly until the soup base is white. Only then can the aroma of the rice dissolve in the soup.


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