Mushroom Soup

Mushroom Soup

by Bean Emperor Boiled

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Tricholoma is rich in essential amino acids and multi-vitamins that are necessary for the human body to help relieve fatigue. Regular consumption has a certain effect on dissolving cholesterol and lowering blood pressure. The Tricholoma ball soup introduced today is simple and easy to make, light and medium nutrition without discount...


Mushroom Soup

1. Buy meatballs according to your preferences

Mushroom Soup recipe

2. Tricholoma washed and sliced

Mushroom Soup recipe

3. Put 2 slices of ginger in the pot and boil the meatballs for a while

Mushroom Soup recipe

4. Pour the mushrooms and cook, add MSG salt to taste, sprinkle a little pepper and drop a little sesame oil.

Mushroom Soup recipe

5. Then sprinkle some crushed garlic sprouts

Mushroom Soup recipe


Add 2 slices of ginger to remove the smell of mushrooms


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