Mushroom Soup

Mushroom Soup

by Dance Spirit 1027

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This mushroom soup is specially added with bamboo fungus eggs. Bamboo fungus eggs can regulate the body's metabolism, enhance the body's immune function, and have the effects of nourishing and strengthening qi, invigorating the brain, calming the nerves, nourishing essence and invigorating the kidney, and invigorating the body.


Mushroom Soup

1. Wash all kinds of mushrooms with warm water

Mushroom Soup recipe

2. Boil the ribs in cold water, rinse and set aside

Mushroom Soup recipe

3. Put the soaked mushrooms and ribs into an electric pressure cooker

Mushroom Soup recipe

4. Add appropriate amount of water, press the "Tendon" button to boil

Mushroom Soup recipe

5. Just sprinkle some chopped green onion, add some salt and chicken essence before eating. The refreshing and refreshing health soup is very suitable for the stomach in early autumn. Let’s start warming up.

Mushroom Soup recipe


You can also use fresh mushrooms instead, but the nutrients of dried mushrooms are better than fresh ones.


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