Mushroom Tofu Soup

Mushroom Tofu Soup

by Happy elf a

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Today's soup: Mushroom tofu soup. In this bowl of soup, the wizard used shiitake mushrooms, enoki mushrooms, Japanese tofu, shrimp skins, eggs, and seaweed; 6 kinds of ingredients, is it also one of the good ways to clean the leftovers of the refrigerator? Flammulina velutipes has always been known as the "intelligent mushroom". School-age children eat more of it, but it has the function of promoting intellectual development. In addition, it is a high-potassium and low-sodium food, and it is especially suitable for hypertension, obesity and middle-aged people. Elderly people eat it; in addition, it also has anti-fatigue, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, so in our daily life, don't look down on it. Shrimp skin, it is rich in protein and minerals, especially calcium. It is known as the "calcium store" and is a better way to supplement calcium for those with calcium deficiency; for children and the elderly who rarely get exposed to the sun , Eating more shrimp skins is better than eating calcium tablets.
This bowl of soup, light mushrooms and shrimp skins, is very umami, but the spirits also added seaweed, Japanese tofu and eggs in order to absorb nutrients in many ways. It will be boiled for a few minutes, and it will smell before it is out of the pot. When it’s scented, it’s all, no wonder my children drank one bowl after another, and in the end I blamed me for making less; haha,,, the conscience of heaven and earth, the 10-inch soup bowl, filled with a large bowl, there was no Drink enough, but it doesn’t matter, we can continue cooking today.


Mushroom Tofu Soup

1. Preparation of main raw materials.

Mushroom Tofu Soup recipe

2. Slice the washed shiitake mushrooms, cut the multi-needle mushrooms into small sections, and cut the Japanese tofu into small sections.

Mushroom Tofu Soup recipe

3. Rinse seaweed and dried shrimp skins with water, and chop chives into finely chopped pieces.

Mushroom Tofu Soup recipe

4. Pour a little cooking oil into the wok, add chopped green onions, and explode the scent of green onions.

Mushroom Tofu Soup recipe

5. Then add the shrimp skins and fry them for a nice aroma.

Mushroom Tofu Soup recipe

6. Next shiitake mushrooms and enoki mushrooms.

Mushroom Tofu Soup recipe

7. When the shiitake mushrooms are soft, add water.

Mushroom Tofu Soup recipe

8. After the fire is boiled, add seaweed and Japanese tofu.

Mushroom Tofu Soup recipe

9. Boil for about 2 minutes and add refined salt.

Mushroom Tofu Soup recipe

10. Pepper to taste.

Mushroom Tofu Soup recipe

11. Add balsamic vinegar according to the taste of each family.

Mushroom Tofu Soup recipe

12. Pour in the beaten egg liquid.

Mushroom Tofu Soup recipe

13. When the eggs form egg flowers, pour in water starch and thicken it.

Mushroom Tofu Soup recipe


1: Mushrooms, stir fry first, then cook the soup, it is more fresh than that.


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