Dashi Mushroom Soup

Dashi Mushroom Soup

by Shui Qingqing

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Dashi mushroom soup is simple, delicious and nutritious. Shiitake is the second largest edible mushroom in the world and one of our country's specialties. It is a fungus that grows on wood. It has delicious taste, refreshing aroma and rich nutrition, and is known as the "Queen of Plants". It can lower cholesterol and blood pressure. Mushroom juice can completely replace blood pressure reducing agents, and there are no side effects.


Dashi Mushroom Soup

1. Clean the shiitake mushrooms

Dashi Mushroom Soup recipe

2. A pot of broth

Dashi Mushroom Soup recipe

3. Pour into a pot and boil

Dashi Mushroom Soup recipe

4. Then pour in the shiitake mushrooms

Dashi Mushroom Soup recipe

5. Put some salt to boil

Dashi Mushroom Soup recipe

6. Cooked

Dashi Mushroom Soup recipe

7. Add chives, season with fresh, and bring the pepper to a boil

Dashi Mushroom Soup recipe

8. The cooked mushroom soup is so fresh

Dashi Mushroom Soup recipe


Boil the shiitake mushrooms in the stock, the original flavor.


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