My Home Cooking

My Home Cooking

by Dissatisfied to battle

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Super simple home-cooked food, zero experience, a novice in the kitchen can do it. I can't fry the kitchen anyway!

Let me share my home-cooked dishes. I usually cook and eat on weekdays. It is a very simple one or two dishes.

On Saturdays and Sundays, make some soup, like a hard dish, hahaha! Mainly if I like it.

Occasionally, I will make snacks, pancakes, sugar water and so on.
The above is my home cooking, to share with you. Hope you all like it.


My Home Cooking

1. 😎 Lean meat + loofah

1. Stir-fry the loofah first, and put a plate to make the bottom.
2. The lean meat is marinated in noodles and salt for a while, then fried, without adding water in the middle, and cooking wine can be added.
3. Put the seasoning when it is ready to cook: roux, light soy sauce, salt. Stir-fry until thick and ready.

My Home Cooking recipe

2. 😎Pork + Okra

1. Blanched okra.
2. Fried pork.
3. Mix the two.

My Home Cooking recipe

3. 😎Fried loofah

1. Peel the loofah, cut into pieces, and soak it in salt water.
2. Heat the pan with oil, put the loofah in and stir fry until it is cooked through.
3. Dig a spoonful of Yangjiang tempeh and sprinkle on it. (I especially like Yangjiang Douchi)

My Home Cooking recipe

4. 😎Cucumber sliced salad

1. Wash the cucumber and use a scraper to scrape it off one by one.
2. Marinate with salt, vinegar, and a small amount of soy sauce.
3. If you like spicy, you can add spicy.

My Home Cooking recipe

5. 😎 Stir-fried Sausage with Vegetables and Peppers

1. Clean the cayenne pepper and cut it for later use.
2. Add oil to the hot pot, stir-fry the cayenne pepper until half-cooked, and serve.
3. Stir-fry the sausage in a hot pot until half-cooked, add vegetable pepper, and stir-fry until it is cooked through.

My Home Cooking recipe

6. 😎 Braised Pork

1. Selected pork belly, it doesn't look like this is mine (it’s not as early as the aunt to go to the vegetable market).
2. The method of pork belly is similar, I put too many soy sauces, it is too dark, but there is no paste.
3. If you like waxy texture, you can cook it for a longer time.
4. The pork belly after blanching should not be washed with cold water. Washing with warm water can keep the meat tender and tender (someone said).

My Home Cooking recipe

7. 😎Cola Chicken Wings

1. This one of my favorites is also very good.
2. The methods are similar, the most important thing is what you like.

My Home Cooking recipe

8. 😎Pork neck pork fried three fresh

1. In fact, it's just speculation.
2. Vegetable pepper, celery, fungus, it matches well, and the meat is neutralized together, it is perfect.
3. Vegetarian dishes are not very vegetarian, and meat dishes are not very greasy.

My Home Cooking recipe

9. 😎 egg green pepper celery

1. Break up the eggs, fry them out in a hot pan and set aside.
2. Heat the pan with oil, fry the green peppers and celery until half cooked, put the eggs, fry for a while, add appropriate amount of salt, and it's ok.

My Home Cooking recipe


Every dish is done with heart.

Every step cannot be less.

Like cooking, it’s that simple.


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