Tang Bao

Tang Bao

by Xiao Xiaoduo and Buns

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I haven’t made buns for a long time. I cleaned the refrigerator these days, turned out a bag of meat skins accumulated before, and made a pot of skin jelly (but I forgot to take pictures of the process, I have the opportunity to add the recipe of the skin jelly), so I made a few Pour soup dumplings to eat. But this soup dumpling is really a bit troublesome. I rarely make it a few times a year. Next time I will make a lazy version for everyone.


Tang Bao

1. Put the flour and cornstarch into the bucket of the bread machine, and pour in hot water (the water will cool for a few minutes after it is boiled. Pour the boiled water directly, that is the blanching method). Note that different brands of flour have different water absorption rates. Don't fall all at once, leave about 10 grams. Add the dough according to the dryness and wetness of the dough. The dough for the soup bag should be soft and not too dry, otherwise it will easily crack during the filling.

Tang Bao recipe

2. Start the dough mixing program and knead until the dough is smooth. (You can pause in the middle to feel the dryness and wetness of the dough. If you feel that the dough is a bit dry, you can grab a little water and sprinkle it on the dough, or put some water on your hands and knead the dough. Pour water to avoid adding too much or too wet. What is the right way to dry and wet, that is, the dough feels moist in the hand, but it is not sticky, or a little sticky. Just add cold water at the back That's it, hot water is not necessary.) After kneading the dough, cover it with plastic wrap and let it rest for an hour.

Tang Bao recipe

3. In the process of waking up the noodles, we come to prepare the minced meat. The foreleg meat is peeled and chopped, the fresh shiitake mushrooms are cleaned and chopped into pieces, the skin jelly is also chopped into pieces, the ginger is finely chopped, and the shallots are chopped as long as they are white. (If there is no meat jelly, you can add the broth, add a small amount and slowly.

Tang Bao recipe

4. Add a teaspoon of salt, about five or six grams. Add appropriate amount of salt according to each person's taste.

Tang Bao recipe

5. Stir the meat in one direction (clockwise or counterclockwise, don't stir it randomly) until it becomes vigorous. The minced meat can be put in the refrigerator to wait for the dough to wake up.

Tang Bao recipe

6. After the dough wakes up, divide it evenly into 24 small doses.

Tang Bao recipe

7. Put the lid on and wake up for another 20 minutes. When the temperature is high, reduce 5-10 minutes appropriately. My room temperature was around 10 degrees.

Tang Bao recipe

8. Take a potion and roll it into a circle, thick in the middle and thin at the edges. It can be rolled out easily without shrinking, and the dough will wake up. If the retraction is obvious, wake up for a few more minutes. (Please forgive my handicap, I have to grow horns every time I roll the skin.)

Tang Bao recipe

9. Put an appropriate amount of minced meat on it.

Tang Bao recipe

10. Fold the edges like an origami fan. Please search the video online for details. I am more handicapped, and the bag is not good. But anyway, eat it by yourself, it's delicious, and you don't have to pay so much attention to appearance.

Tang Bao recipe

11. Close the mouth at the end, be careful to pinch the mouth tightly, otherwise the juice will leak. Pay attention here, don't close the mouth too thick, otherwise the buns will be cooked, and the mouth will be too thick here, and it will be raw. When you start making buns, you have to start boiling water.

Tang Bao recipe

12. Make 12 in turn and put them in the steamer.

Tang Bao recipe

13. Wait for the water to boil. Put the steamer with the stuffed buns on the pot and steam on high heat for about 8 minutes. If the buns are bigger, add one or two more minutes. If the steaming time is too long, if the steamed buns are old, the juice will be steamed dry. If the steaming time is short, the buns will not be cooked.

Tang Bao recipe

14. The steamed buns are carefully clamped out and served on a plate. It can be eaten with ginger vinegar sauce, but I like to eat it directly.

Tang Bao recipe


1. The dough for filling the soup bag must be soft, too dry, it is not easy to pack, and it is easy to crack. Corn starch is added to make the buns look transparent and beautiful, so you don't need to add it.
2. The ratio of meat skin jelly to meat is 1:1 or 1.5:1. The more juicy the skin jelly, the more juicy it is, but the requirements for the bun skin are higher, so I usually 1:1. There is no skin jelly, just use the broth and add a small amount multiple times. Next time, let's make a lazy version of soup dumplings for everyone.
3. After the steamed buns are steamed, they must be carefully picked up. It is best to put oil paper underneath when steaming. When I took it out, a few broke and the soup leaked.


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