Noodle Cat Ears

Noodle Cat Ears

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I like the noodle scent of naked oat noodles. Naked oat noodles are processed from naked oats, which have the functions of removing heat, clearing fire, removing fat and reducing blood pressure. I always like to add some coarse grains to the pasta to increase the nutrients in the diet and enrich the taste. However, coarse grains are not easy to digest, so you should eat moderate amounts of coarse grains.

Noodle Cat Ears

1. Pour flour into the bowl

Noodle Cat Ears recipe

2. Add Naked Oat Noodles

Noodle Cat Ears recipe

3. Add water to make a harder dough, let stand for 10 minutes

Noodle Cat Ears recipe

4. Roll out the dough to a thickness of 0.5 cm

Noodle Cat Ears recipe

5. Cut into strips, roll round, and pull into small noodles

Noodle Cat Ears recipe

6. Knead the noodles round with the palm of your hand, place the noodles on the palm of your left hand, press the small noodles with the thumb of your right hand to slide outwards, and the cute cat ears come out

Noodle Cat Ears recipe

7. Sit in a pot on the fire, sauté the chopped green onion, add water to boil

Noodle Cat Ears recipe

8. Remove the cat ears, wait for the cat ears to float, add sea vegetables and salt to taste

Noodle Cat Ears recipe

9. Naked oat noodles and cat ears are out of the pot

Noodle Cat Ears recipe

10. Glennorr, high-altitude cereals are light and healthy

Noodle Cat Ears recipe


Naked oat dough needs to be blended harder in order to form and it will not stick together. Naked oatmeal noodles should be stored in a dry and ventilated place. Naked oatmeal noodles have a noodle flavor. Seal them tightly during storage.


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