Noodle Steamed Dumplings

Noodle Steamed Dumplings

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Noodle Steamed Dumplings

1. Use boiling water to scald the noodles and knead them into a moderately hard dough

Noodle Steamed Dumplings recipe

2. Chopped minced meat, add ginger, edible oil, sesame oil, pepper, white pepper, cooking wine, oyster sauce, stir in one direction until the minced ginger is strong

Noodle Steamed Dumplings recipe

3. Chop the leeks and put them in the meat filling, and stir them together. After adding the leeks, do not add any seasonings to prevent the leeks from leaking out.

Noodle Steamed Dumplings recipe

4. Take a small piece of noodles, arrange it smoothly, knead it into a bowl with your hands, add meat filling and wrap it into a dumpling shape

Noodle Steamed Dumplings recipe

5. Boil water in a pot, add steamed dumplings, steam for 12 to 15 minutes on medium-high heat, turn off the heat and let it out for three minutes.

Noodle Steamed Dumplings recipe


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