Noodles with Mixed Pea Sauce

Noodles with Mixed Pea Sauce

by Tail's Kitchen

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Rake peas is made from dried peas soaked and boiled. The prepared rake peas are soft, rotten and dense. Add them to the soup of Feiyu to make the soup thick and mellow. Used for soaking rice and cooking, it tastes bad.
Old Chengdu’s favorite bean soup rice is made with rake peas, a bowl of bean soup, a bowl of rice, plus a plate of kimchi, it is a simple light meal, if you add another portion, it will be red and bright. The deboned meat is a luxurious light meal that drools when I think of it.
Today we are introducing bean soup noodles. Rake peas, add lard and stock to make bean soup. The soup has a strong flavor. The miscellaneous sauce and simmered seeds fried with lard are full of oily and meaty flavor, and the flavor of soy, with a little green onion embellishment, which is both beautiful and delicious.

Noodles with Mixed Pea Sauce

1. Chop the fat and lean pork, add lard (25g) to the pot and fry the loose seeds.

Noodles with Mixed Pea Sauce recipe

2. Add the sweet noodle sauce and soy sauce and stir fry until fragrant.

Noodles with Mixed Pea Sauce recipe

3. Put the lard (25g) in the pot and heat it up, stir-fry the peas until fragrant, add the broth, season with salt, and boil it into a bean soup.

Noodles with Mixed Pea Sauce recipe

4. Put the fresh noodles into a boiling pot and cook.

Noodles with Mixed Pea Sauce recipe

5. Put the noodles into a bowl, scoop into the pea soup, pour the miscellaneous sauce with simmered seeds, and sprinkle with chopped green onion.

Noodles with Mixed Pea Sauce recipe


***The raw materials are for 5 people!


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