Rake Pea Hoof Soup

Rake Pea Hoof Soup

by Sky Blue 1761

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I remember that when I first came to C City ten years ago, I ate rake pea hoof soup at a friend's house, and I would never forget the taste.
I have also learned to make it many times. The raking peas are soft and waxy, and the hoof flowers are fat but not greasy. The soup is particularly delicious, because the red bean paste of the peas makes the soup very thick.
A soup suitable for winter, nourishing and delicious.


Rake Pea Hoof Soup

1. A pig's hoof, preferably fore hoof, chopped into sections

Rake Pea Hoof Soup recipe

2. Add some ginger slices to blanch the chopped hoof flowers

Rake Pea Hoof Soup recipe

3. Drain after blanching

Rake Pea Hoof Soup recipe

4. This is the protagonist, raking the peas, it’s not a good year, but it’s delicious, forgive me for not having a P picture, upload the original picture, so it’s very real, right

Rake Pea Hoof Soup recipe

5. Served with some soup grains, no matter what soup we cook, we like to add dried chili, dried Chinese pepper, and of course, ginger slices, it’s also a must.

Rake Pea Hoof Soup recipe

6. Put the blanched hoof flowers into the electric pressure cooker and add salt

Rake Pea Hoof Soup recipe

7. Add the prepared dried chili and other ingredients, and add an appropriate amount of water

Rake Pea Hoof Soup recipe

8. Press the procedure of tendons

Rake Pea Hoof Soup recipe

9. After a program is over, exhaust the air and add the raking peas

Rake Pea Hoof Soup recipe

10. Start another meat program

Rake Pea Hoof Soup recipe

11. When the time is up, exhaust, open the lid, serve and enjoy, the soup is thick and fragrant and delicious.
Especially this day, drink a bowl, warm and warm.

Rake Pea Hoof Soup recipe


No tricks, the steps are very detailed. Like to try it, it won't let you down, delicious.


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