Northeast Fried Dumplings

Northeast Fried Dumplings

by Looking for Peach Blossom Island

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Fried Yuanxiao is a traditional snack in the Northeast, and there are several well-known traditional shops in Dalian. However, with the changes of the times, the Lantern Festival became more and more difficult to buy in the market, and the glutinous rice balls came from behind because of their soft, sweet and sweet taste. So this time to participate in the snack recipe activity, I used glutinous rice balls instead of Yuanxiao, fried it, and it was delicious~~ The purple sweet potato and black sesame glutinous rice balls, the quick-frozen ones bought in the supermarket, are very convenient to make, for afternoon tea and snacks. Smaller ones are fine.

Northeast Fried Dumplings

1. Take out the glutinous rice balls from the refrigerator without thawing, cook them until they are eighty mature, remove them, and drain the water.

Northeast Fried Dumplings recipe

2. Heat the oil in the hot pot, the oil is 30-40% hot, add the glutinous rice balls one by one, stirring constantly to avoid sticking

Northeast Fried Dumplings recipe

3. Keep the heat on a low heat. When you hear the glutinous rice balls make a slight bang, the surface is slightly expanded and exploded, you can remove it, drain the excess oil, put it on a plate, sprinkle with powdered sugar, or dip it in blueberry sauce. , It depends on personal preference

Northeast Fried Dumplings recipe


1. Keep the heat on a low heat and hear the glutinous rice balls make a slight bang, and the surface will expand slightly and explode.
2. The temperature of the oil should not be too high, and should not be fried for too long, so as to avoid overheating and splashing of the filling.
3. The fried glutinous rice balls have a crispy skin, and the black sesame fillings flow slowly, making them very sweet. There is also a method of dipping the cooked glutinous rice balls with bread crumbs, but the traditional method is to fry them directly without sticking anything.


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