Nourishing Salmon Head Soup

Nourishing Salmon Head Soup

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I bought 2 salmon heads and a few packets of fish bones online. The fish bones were fried and eaten, which was fragrant and chewy. Fish head, I use it to make a soup. It is very sweet and creamy. There is no whitening material such as milk or rice milk. Only 50 grams of lean meat and a piece of ginger are added. The fish head soup is not The slightest smell. It’s also the first time for Shishang to make soup with salmon head. I didn’t expect that my family would love to drink it. Everyone drank a big bowl before meals. There was no waste of soup residue. Dip it in green onion oil and eat it with a thick layer of fish skin. It is slippery and gelatinous, and the more you chew, the more fragrant it is. Salmon head soup is very easy to make. Cut the whole fish head into small pieces, wash and drain the water, sprinkle some salt to marinate for a while, put it in a pan and fry it, mince the lean meat and fry it for a while, pour all the ingredients Put it into the soup pot, add some white wine to increase the smell, and simmer for 30 minutes on high heat. It's faster than braising old hot soup, nutritious and delicious!
In fact, we usually eat more fish to supplement calcium and enhance the body's resistance. Salmon has high nutritional value and enjoys the reputation of "treasure in the water". Salmon is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which can effectively reduce blood cholesterol and blood lipids. Among them, omega-3 fatty acids are essential for the brain, retina and nervous system. They can enhance brain function, prevent vision loss, and prevent Alzheimer’s. Kind of efficacy. Salmon is rich in protein, calcium, iron and vitamin D. It is especially suitable for eating and supplementing nutrition. It is a good food choice for the elderly or children. The soup is very delicious, easy to digest, and easier to absorb.


Nourishing Salmon Head Soup

1. Prepare ingredients, chop lean meat, peel and shred ginger;

Nourishing Salmon Head Soup recipe

2. Remove the gills, wash and chop into small pieces, sprinkle some salt, mix well, and marinate for a while;

Nourishing Salmon Head Soup recipe

3. Heat the pan, pour in the cooking oil, and fry the fish heads neatly in the pan until both sides are browned;

Nourishing Salmon Head Soup recipe

4. Boil about 5 bowls of water in the soup pot, and put the fried fish heads into the pot [remember to add the fish heads after the water is boiling];

Nourishing Salmon Head Soup recipe

5. In the original pot, stir-fry the lean meat for a while, shovel it up and pour it into the soup pot;

Nourishing Salmon Head Soup recipe

6. Pour the rice wine, cover the pot, and cook on high heat for about 30 minutes;

Nourishing Salmon Head Soup recipe

7. Boil until the soup is milky white and rich, add pepper, chicken powder, mix well and scoop it out. [Unfortunately, there is no green onion at home, add some green onion to make it more appetizing]

Nourishing Salmon Head Soup recipe


Tips for food:

The fish bones are picked up and dipped in shallot oil, which is also delicious.


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