Salmon Head Soup

Salmon Head Soup

by Beautiful little chef

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There are many fish in Canada, so make a soup o(≧v≦)o


Salmon Head Soup

1. Wash the fish head and remove the gills. The fish head is marinated in cooking wine, ginger, green onions, and black pepper

Salmon Head Soup recipe

2. Put the marinated fish head and green onion ginger into the pan and fry. Tips: I find that the longer the frying time, the easier it is to make a milky white soup~~ I won’t thank you for taking it away

Salmon Head Soup recipe

3. After frying, put it in a soup pot, add boiling water, and boil the soup. You can add some black pepper. Don't forget to put in tofu Yo

Salmon Head Soup recipe

4. I probably boiled it for less than an hour. When it's almost done, add salt to taste

Salmon Head Soup recipe


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