Nutritional Meat Slices

Nutritional Meat Slices

by Meimeijia's Kitchen

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My husband likes to eat noodles, so my morning is basically noodles. I usually prepare various stocks in advance, and the noodles in the morning can be very quick. But many times, there is no time to prepare the broth, so you need delicious seasonings to help. With some peanuts, the family likes it very much.


Nutritional Meat Slices

1. Prepare all the ingredients, heat up the oil pan, fry the peanuts fragrant and remove them

Nutritional Meat Slices recipe

2. Put the meat slices in the pot

Nutritional Meat Slices recipe

3. Stir fry until slightly yellow, add a spoonful of Laoganma and chopped green onion, stir fry for a while, then remove

Nutritional Meat Slices recipe

4. You don’t need to wash the pan after frying the broth, just pour a bowl of water into the pan and pour the thick soup

Nutritional Meat Slices recipe

5. boil

Nutritional Meat Slices recipe

6. Add some salt and chili powder to the boiled soup to taste and serve.

Nutritional Meat Slices recipe

7. Boil a pot of water, put the noodles in and cook

Nutritional Meat Slices recipe

8. Take it out and put it in the chicken broth. Put the prepared peanuts, meat slices, and cucumber on top.

Nutritional Meat Slices recipe


1. When frying peanuts, use a medium-to-low heat, so that the peanuts are not easy to fry black. After the peanuts are hot, sprinkle some salt and mix well.
2. When cooking noodles, do not use chicken broth. Add twice the amount of water and boil the chicken broth together to form a broth.


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