Nutritious Chicken Soup

Nutritious Chicken Soup

by Minger Kitchen

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I have children in my family. In spring I will often cook this dish, chicken soup for the children. The chicken soup must be cooked with old hens, the taste will be authentic, and the young chickens are only suitable for fried food. The old hen can promote the body's metabolism, effectively nourish the body, change the symptoms of physical weakness, and prevent colds. It can supplement calcium, help bone development, enhance bone density, and grow up.

Many people think that the chicken soup they cook is smelly and bad? I will tell you today, of course, this method is suitable for cooking any soup, as long as you master the key steps. Let's try it with Minger!


Nutritious Chicken Soup

1. Because the pot at home is not very big, I always chop the chicken into large pieces to cook. First, the old hen was cleaned up and chopped into large pieces. Soak it for a while, you can remove a part of the blood, then cool the pot under the water, boil it, and wash it again. This will remove the fishy, and the chicken soup will be clean without bloodshot eyes.

Nutritious Chicken Soup recipe

2. In a separate pot, put the cleaned chicken nuggets, the whole green onion, and the ginger beaten into the pot, pour in enough water, and try not to add water in the middle, so as to ensure the deliciousness of the chicken soup without MSG. .

Nutritious Chicken Soup recipe

3. Red dates and wolfberry can be put in, so the taste and nutrition will be more complete.

Nutritious Chicken Soup recipe

4. Bring to a boil on high heat, turn to low heat and cook for about an hour and a half, and the chicken will be fully cooked.

Nutritious Chicken Soup recipe

5. Remove the bones, tear the chicken into small pieces, add salt and chopped green onion to taste.

Nutritious Chicken Soup recipe


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