Dendrobium Chicken Soup

Dendrobium Chicken Soup

by Lan Bingying

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In the autumn and winter, what is the most tonic for the body, it must be soup! It is said that a mouthful of soup after a meal will not hurt the stomach. Soups have been very beneficial to our bodies since ancient times.
The most common one in many soups is the chicken soup that is better for replenishing the body. Chicken soup, especially the old mother chicken soup, has always been known for its deliciousness, and its effect of "tonifying deficiency" is also known. Chicken soup can also relieve cold symptoms and improve the body's immune function.
Today's chicken soup also contains Dendrobium. Dendrobium officinale can nourish body fluids and nourish stomach; nourish yin and clear heat; nourish lung and kidney; improve eyesight and strengthen waist.
In addition to Dendrobium, the soup also contains Chinese medicinal materials such as wolfberry and Ganoderma lucidum, so that you can replenish your body while drinking chicken soup. This autumn and winter, give him a bowl of chicken soup. This may be the best way of love.

Dendrobium Chicken Soup

1. Add water to the pot, clean up the chicken in the cold water pot, add Chinese medicine

Dendrobium Chicken Soup recipe

2. Bring water to a boil, add appropriate amount of rice wine

Dendrobium Chicken Soup recipe

3. Turn to low heat and simmer for two hours

Dendrobium Chicken Soup recipe


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