Oil Splashed Mackerel

Oil Splashed Mackerel

by You Ma Food

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The most common thing in Wenzhou is to dry all kinds of marine fish into dried fish.

In this way, you can eat fragrant and mellow dried fish at any time throughout the year.

Mackerel is a common marine fish here, even dried fish,

However, the practice of dried fish in Wenzhou is different from other places.

People here will use the method of making soy sauce meat to make cured duck, cured fish,

Therefore, the dried fish I bought are all marinated in soy sauce and sugar, and the color is bright red, which makes people appetite at first sight.

Today, I will use dried mackerel to make a very simple but delicious dish.


Oil Splashed Mackerel

1. A portion of dried mackerel, first rinse off the dust on the surface with warm water, and then soak it in rice-washing water for 1 hour to remove part of the salty taste and restore the softness and umami taste of the dried fish. This is a little trick that most people don’t know. Tell him, haha~ just kidding

Oil Splashed Mackerel recipe

2. Control the water with the dried fish

Oil Splashed Mackerel recipe

3. Bring water to a boil in a steamer, add dried fish and steam for 15 minutes

Oil Splashed Mackerel recipe

4. After steaming, put a little sugar on the surface of the fish, chop the pepper, chopped green onion, and then heat the vegetable oil on the dried fish. The aroma will come out at once

Oil Splashed Mackerel recipe


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