Sour Soup Mackerel Japonica

Sour Soup Mackerel Japonica

by You Ma Food

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I hardly put any oil in this dish. It is suitable for people who like to eat light and also suitable for people who lose weight. It can be used as an appetizing pre-meal soup or as a staple food. My kids like it very much.


Sour Soup Mackerel Japonica

1. The mackerel japonica is thawed in advance. I bought the ready-made mackerel japonica. You can also buy fresh mackerel and make it yourself. Wash the tomatoes, and only a few slices of baby cabbage to increase the sweetness and color. It's okay

Sour Soup Mackerel Japonica recipe

2. Cut tomatoes into small pieces

Sour Soup Mackerel Japonica recipe

3. Put water in the wok and boil, add mackerel japonica, add salt

Sour Soup Mackerel Japonica recipe

4. Bring to a boil again, add tomatoes, cover the pot and cook on high heat

Sour Soup Mackerel Japonica recipe

5. Cut baby cabbage into strips for later use

Sour Soup Mackerel Japonica recipe

6. Add baby cabbage after the tomatoes are boiled

Sour Soup Mackerel Japonica recipe

7. In the end, the baby cabbage can be cooked until it is soft. In fact, the whole process is completed in a few minutes, because the tomatoes I use are more mature, and the mackerel japonica prompts to cook for 3 to 5 minutes, which is controlled in total. In 5 minutes

Sour Soup Mackerel Japonica recipe


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