Fish Ball Soup

Fish Ball Soup

by Pomegranate tree 2008

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The meat of Spanish mackerel is thick, so it is very suitable to make fish balls with less thorns, and it is cold and dry. Drinking some soup can moisturize the skin, how good it is. In fact, making fish balls is not troublesome at all, but some people make fish balls that are fishy and unpalatable. How can the fish balls be made only taste fresh, but not fishy? Some people want to talk about adding cooking wine. It is true that cooking wine can remove fishy, but this is not enough. You also need to add this-pepper star anise water. Everyone knows that fish balls need to be added with water, otherwise the taste is too dry and not fresh. Adding this pepper star anise water can make the fish balls fresh and smooth, and secondly, you can remove the fishy. How to make fish ball soup? Let's look down together.


Fish Ball Soup

1. Buy the Spanish mackerel and rinse it first, then cut it in half from the back of the fish, remove the internal organs, and rinse the inside and out of the fish.

Fish Ball Soup recipe

2. Slowly scrape the Spanish mackerel meat with a spoon, and carefully remove the thorns from the Spanish mackerel meat. Don’t scratch the skin. You don’t need fish skin to make fish balls, otherwise it will have a fishy smell.

Fish Ball Soup recipe

3. The pepper and star anise are brewed with boiling water. You must brew with boiling water to get the flavor of pepper and star anise. Don't worry, wait for the water to cool down slowly. This bowl of water is the key to removing the fishy, and it cannot be omitted.

Fish Ball Soup recipe

4. Chop the Spanish mackerel meat and a knife,

Fish Ball Soup recipe

5. Finely chop green onion and ginger and put them in the chopped Spanish mackerel filling. Stir in one direction evenly.

Fish Ball Soup recipe

6. Add a spoonful of cooking wine to remove the fishy,

Fish Ball Soup recipe

7. After letting the pepper and star anise water cool, take out the pepper and star anise, then gradually add them to the Spanish mackerel filling and continue to stir in one direction until it is completely absorbed, then add the next pepper and star anise water, stir until it is strong, and feel a little frothy The state is all right,

Fish Ball Soup recipe

8. Use a spoon to slowly scoop a spoon of fish filling, when the water in the pot is about to boil, turn to a low heat, slowly put the fish filling in the spoon into the pot, then quickly take it out, dip the spoon in cold water, and then proceed. In one operation, put all the fish fillings into the pot repeatedly, and slowly cook on a low fire.

Fish Ball Soup recipe

9. There will be foam in the middle, you can carefully scoop it out with a spoon, don’t touch the balls,

Fish Ball Soup recipe

10. Put a little salt, a little monosodium glutamate, and some ground coriander in the bowl. When all the fish balls come up, they will be cooked. You can turn off the heat and get out of the pot.

Fish Ball Soup recipe

11. First use a spoon to pour some soup into a bowl, rinse the seasonings, and then pour the fish balls into the bowl, you can enjoy it.

Fish Ball Soup recipe


1. When taking the Spanish mackerel, be careful not to break the skin and remove the bones, so that it will not be fishy when you eat it, and you can rest assured.
2. The pepper and star anise water must be cooled before adding it to the fish filling. When it is hot, it will make the fish fishy.
3. Add water and stir for the fish stuffing. Stir in one direction until it becomes more vigorous. It tastes delicious and won't fall apart.
4. When the fish balls are put in the pot, the water should not be boiled. It should be heated under warm water and a low fire. After the fish balls are formed, they can be turned to high heat and boiled.


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