Oily Tofu Vermicelli Soup

Oily Tofu Vermicelli Soup

by Lan Bingying

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Duck blood vermicelli soup is very common to us, but do you know that there is another fan soup that is also very popular? It is oily tofu vermicelli soup. You tofu vermicelli soup is a classic Shanghai snack, often eaten with raw fried. Fried crispy and tender with the aroma of vermicelli soup, a mixture of two flavors! Even if you have finished eating, you are still silent in the delicacy just now.
Drinking soup to warm up in autumn and winter couldn't be better. You can't miss such a wild fan soup~


Oily Tofu Vermicelli Soup

1. Put the chicken broth in the pot, add ginger and simmer

Oily Tofu Vermicelli Soup recipe

2. Cut the bean paste in half, put it in the pot and cook for about five minutes

Oily Tofu Vermicelli Soup recipe

3. Sprinkle pepper in the pot, add the vermicelli and boil

Oily Tofu Vermicelli Soup recipe

4. Remove after turning off the heat and sprinkle with coriander

Oily Tofu Vermicelli Soup recipe


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