Fried Tofu Soup

Fried Tofu Soup

by Kong Linglang

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Remember the early stalls on the street? Old tofu, fried tofu, fried dough sticks, steamed buns………………………………Let’s have a bowl of fried tofu today! !


Fried Tofu Soup

1. The purchased bean paste is ready! Can be cut, can be cooked whole

Fried Tofu Soup recipe

2. Make water in a pot, add aniseed (you can only use triangles for aniseed, remember not to use too much), pepper, green onion, salt, and ginger slices

Fried Tofu Soup recipe

3. After boiling, add the bean foam and keep it for 10 minutes. You can add a little sesame paste (optional)

Fried Tofu Soup recipe

4. Put coriander, chive flowers, boiled bean paste and soup in a bowl and stir evenly!

Fried Tofu Soup recipe


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