Olive Oil Chive Biscuits

Olive Oil Chive Biscuits

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Olive oil is considered to be the most suitable fat for human nutrition among the fats found so far. Because olive oil has not undergone any chemical treatment during the production process, all natural nutrients are well preserved, without cholesterol, and the digestibility can reach about 94%. Olive oil is very suitable for the development of infants and young children, and its ratio of essential fatty acids is very similar to breast milk. Whether it is old age or growth and development period, olive oil is the best edible oil for mankind.
Efficacy: Olive oil can add a unique flavor to any cooked food, from light to strong, from sweet to spicy, everything is complete, and the varieties are diverse. It can enhance the function of the digestive system, stimulate people's appetite, and is easy to be digested and absorbed. Olive oil contains a polyphenol antioxidant, which can protect against heart disease and cancer.
Those who don't like butter can try this biscuit. This biscuit can not only be used for afternoon tea. It can also be used as a baby's molars, the strong scallion flavor can also stimulate the baby's appetite

Olive Oil Chive Biscuits

1. Materials are ready

Olive Oil Chive Biscuits recipe

2. Take a large bowl and pour olive oil and milk

Olive Oil Chive Biscuits recipe

3. Sift in low-powder milk powder and baking powder

Olive Oil Chive Biscuits recipe

4. Pour in brown sugar and white sugar and mix well

Olive Oil Chive Biscuits recipe

5. Pour the chives and homogenize

Olive Oil Chive Biscuits recipe

6. Roll it out and cut into small pieces to relax

Olive Oil Chive Biscuits recipe

7. Preheat the upper and lower tubes to 195 degrees and bake the middle layer for about 25 minutes

Olive Oil Chive Biscuits recipe


1. Roll the noodles must be evenly thick, otherwise some are cooked and some are still raw;
2. It is better to sift the powder for making biscuits;
3. The temperature of each oven is different, and the length of time and temperature should be adjusted according to the temperature of the oven;
4. If you make a molar rod for your baby, you need a small piece.


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