Seasonal Vegetable and Egg Cup

Seasonal Vegetable and Egg Cup

by You Ma Food

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I don’t know if the mothers have the same problems as me, that is, babies don’t like vegetables or boiled eggs. However, I recently thought of a way. After the boiled eggs are cooked, the yolks inside are scooped out to make Marguerite biscuits, and then the egg whites are used as containers and filled with various nutritious vegetables. This way babies Immediately rushed to eat, even if the asparagus was indifferent, she still ate with relish, hehe, in fact, we just changed a trick. In addition, the food for children should be as little salt as possible, and the original taste can be pursued, so that they can develop a good habit of eating vegetables.

Seasonal Vegetable and Egg Cup

1. Wash the eggs and put them in a pot to boil, then turn the heat to a low heat and cook for 5 or 6 minutes. Remember to prepare a few more eggs, because the production process will inevitably be damaged; the eggs will be peeled after they are cooked. Please ask your baby for this process. Finished; re-boil a pot of water in the pot, put a little olive oil, salt, and then add all the vegetables, blanch them and remove them.

Seasonal Vegetable and Egg Cup recipe

2. Carefully cut the boiled egg in a quarter, remove the egg whites on it, and carefully scoop out the egg yolk inside; cut the blanched vegetables into small cubes, why not cut them when blanching them but after blanching them , Because this can prevent the loss of food nutrients; change the asparagus to a knife on the plate and place the white egg as a container

Seasonal Vegetable and Egg Cup recipe

3. The container is set up, then we will add a little oil and salt to stir fry the vegetable cubes and put it out of the pan immediately, then use a spoon to scoop it into the egg white cup; or you can also hook a thin glutinous rice cake with water starch and pour it on the egg cup In this way, the egg cup is more attractive. Of course, you can omit this step if you find it troublesome.

Seasonal Vegetable and Egg Cup recipe


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