Cashew Vegetables

Cashew Vegetables

by Troubled Kitchen Notes

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The way of food quality and health, the matching of seasonal vegetables and cashews, colorful and colorful, increase appetite. At the beginning of autumn, a vegetarian dish opens up a healthy vegetarian cuisine style. Eat more vegetarian food, light fat, keep healthy.


Cashew Vegetables

1. Prepare the required ingredients, wash the straw mushrooms and wipe off the water on the surface

Cashew Vegetables recipe

2. Slice snow peas and yellow pepper, split the lily into petals, and cut the straw mushrooms in half

Cashew Vegetables recipe

3. The induction cooker turns on the 800W heating multi-purpose pot, pour in enough water, add 2 drops of olive oil, add lily and snow peas blanched water

Cashew Vegetables recipe

4. After about 20 seconds, remove and soak in ice water

Cashew Vegetables recipe

5. Turn on the 400W heating multi-purpose pot on the induction cooker, add raw cashews and slowly fry for about 4-6 minutes, and remove the cashews when they are ripe (note: you need to keep turning during the process to avoid burning)

Cashew Vegetables recipe

6. The induction cooker turns on the 400W heating multi-purpose pot, pour olive oil, add all the ingredients and stir

Cashew Vegetables recipe

7. Add salt to taste, stir-fry evenly and out of the pan, ready to eat

Cashew Vegetables recipe


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