Omurice Sushi Roll

Omurice Sushi Roll

by Looking for Peach Blossom Island

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Different fried rice, different omelet rice, different sushi way~~


Omurice Sushi Roll

1. Spread vegetable oil in a hot non-stick pan and heat it up

Omurice Sushi Roll recipe

2. Mix the beaten egg mixture with a little salt, spread it in the pot, shake the pot to make the egg mixture even

Omurice Sushi Roll recipe

3. Heat on low heat until the bottom of the omelet is solidified and the top is not completely solidified

Omurice Sushi Roll recipe

4. Pile the fried prawns and chicken assorted fried rice on the omelet and form a long strip

Omurice Sushi Roll recipe

5. With the aid of a wooden spatula, turn one side of the omelet over to wrap the fried rice and press it tightly

Omurice Sushi Roll recipe

6. Continue to roll the omelet, wrap the whole rice in long strips, the interface is at the bottom

Omurice Sushi Roll recipe

7. Turn it over and see that the bottom has been solidified and glued. Continue to turn the egg roll to make all parts evenly heated

Omurice Sushi Roll recipe

8. Take out the prepared egg rolls, place them on the grilled seaweed slices, use the sushi roll to assist, carefully roll them up

Omurice Sushi Roll recipe

9. After rolling, let the interface face down for a while

Omurice Sushi Roll recipe

10. Press the egg roll with the thumb of the left hand, press the index finger and middle finger slightly against the filling, and cut it into pieces with a sharp knife in the right hand

Omurice Sushi Roll recipe

11. It's like this when you cut it, just put it on the plate

Omurice Sushi Roll recipe


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