One Person Curry Beef Stew

One Person Curry Beef Stew

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Even if you eat it alone, you have to eat well, match meat and vegetables, and work without getting tired. In winter, you can eat a casserole pot, and you can enjoy it slowly on cold days, without worrying that the dishes will quickly cool down. Curry itself is a very inclusive seasoning, just like Sichuan hot pot, you can add all the ingredients you like.


One Person Curry Beef Stew

1. Add oil to high heat, add mushrooms, minced onions, and peppers, and stir-fry. If there are enoki mushrooms, put them later.

One Person Curry Beef Stew recipe

2. According to personal preference, add appropriate amount of curry powder and stir fry. Stir fry a certain fragrance, be careful not to confuse the bottom.

One Person Curry Beef Stew recipe

3. Add about 500ml of water, bring to a boil on high heat, add appropriate amount of salt, and season.

One Person Curry Beef Stew recipe

4. After the curry soup is boiled, add coconut milk to create a rich curry. If you like thick curry, add more. There is no coconut milk and a small amount of milk can be added, or not, because the curry powder is used, the soup will be clearer. In this step, adjust the proper curry soup flavor, and it will be out of the pot soon.

One Person Curry Beef Stew recipe

5. Bring to a boil over high heat, add beef, enoki mushrooms, and easy-cooking vegetables. Green peppers are easy to turn yellow after cooking for too long, so put them last. These ingredients are easy to cook, and they can be cooked after they are cooked.

One Person Curry Beef Stew recipe

6. Put it on a plate and serve it on the table. If the weather is cold, you can heat the casserole slightly after putting it into the casserole to keep the heat longer.

One Person Curry Beef Stew recipe


This is a relatively simple curry pot. If you want to ensure the taste of curry, you can buy curry cubes for cooking. Arrange the order in which the ingredients are put into the pot according to how easy they are to cook. If there are balls, they can be put in after adding water.


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