Pan-fried Breakfast Sausage

Pan-fried Breakfast Sausage

by Yoha Kitchen

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A quick dish ~ fried sausages, pure meat sausages, the order was placed the day before the Dragon Boat Festival, SF Express delivered it, arrived the next day, and received it on the same day. I couldn’t help but fry it. I originally planned to eat a box, but I tasted it. I can’t stop it, the two unhappy masters asked to eat them all, and the two boxes were killed all at once"


Pan-fried Breakfast Sausage

1. Prepare materials, wash vegetables

Pan-fried Breakfast Sausage recipe

2. Heat the steak in a frying pan, then add a little olive oil to the pan, add small sausages, and fry on low heat

Pan-fried Breakfast Sausage recipe

3. Turn over after a few minutes, you will see a pattern on the sausage, continue to fry and turn over

Pan-fried Breakfast Sausage recipe

4. Turn off the heat for about fifteen minutes, add sliced radishes, cherry tomatoes and andrographis, and fry with the residual heat of an iron pan

Pan-fried Breakfast Sausage recipe

5. Serve with the pot, the small sausages are tender and juicy

Pan-fried Breakfast Sausage recipe


If you don’t have a steak frying pan, you can use an ordinary frying pan. The cast iron pan must be heated before putting the oil


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