Pan-fried Salmon

Pan-fried Salmon

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If you want your baby to be smart, you can eat it often. It can also lower blood lipids and is beneficial for middle-aged and elderly cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Salmon contains a large amount of high-quality protein and omega-3 series of unsaturated fatty acids, which help reduce blood lipids. At the same time, DHA and EPA also play a vital role in the development of children’s brain nerve cells and visual development. The prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in the elderly and the development of children's intelligence and vision are very beneficial.
Salmon can effectively prevent the occurrence and development of chronic diseases such as diabetes. It has high nutritional value and enjoys the reputation of "treasure in the water".
Especially for the elderly and children, eating salmon twice a week is very beneficial.
It is recommended to eat cooked as much as possible, raw salmon is worried about parasites. Like I did, it only takes a few minutes to enjoy the delicious food. With some mushrooms and carrots, it can also improve immunity and supplement carotene.


Pan-fried Salmon

1. Prepare the ingredients

Pan-fried Salmon recipe

2. Cut the salmon into 1.5 cm thick slices, sprinkle a little salt and marinate for 5 minutes

Pan-fried Salmon recipe

3. Put a small piece of butter or some olive oil in the pot, add salmon pieces, fry on medium and low heat until golden on both sides, cook with white wine

Pan-fried Salmon recipe

4. White mushrooms are sliced and fried. Carrots are fried whole

Pan-fried Salmon recipe

5. Just put it on the plate, sprinkle black pepper on the surface

Pan-fried Salmon recipe


The health benefits of salmon:
1. It is rich in protein. Like other fish, salmon is also rich in protein, and it is higher than other fish. Therefore, eating more salmon can maintain the balance of potassium and sodium; eliminate edema. Because it is rich in high protein, it can also improve immunity. Because protein is rich, it helps to protect the elasticity of blood vessels, so it can lower blood pressure. Hemoglobin is also a kind of protein, so it can buffer anemia and help growth and development.
2. It is rich in copper. Copper is an indispensable mineral for human health. It is related to the color of our hair. If copper is lacking, juvenile gray hair will appear, and copper is beneficial to the blood, central nervous system and immune system, skin and bone tissues. And the brain, liver, heart and other internal organs have important effects on the development and function. Lack of copper can also cause anemia, so supplementing salmon is one of the better ways to consume copper.
3. Prevent stroke. Because salmon can live in the deep sea, there is a kind of unsaturated fatty acid in its blood, which can remove excessive saturated fatty acids in the blood, reduce blood lipids, strengthen blood circulation, and can also reduce the damage of lipotoxins to the blood vessel wall and maintain the blood vessel wall. Because of its flexibility, it can effectively prevent stroke.
4. Other effects. Because salmon contains DHA, it is known as the protector of the brain, so it can enhance brain function and prevent Alzheimer's. It can be used to assist in the treatment and prevention of Parkinson's disease, stroke, vision loss and other diseases. Salmon can also effectively prevent diabetes.


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