Papaya Plum Jelly

Papaya Plum Jelly

by Yuchi Pink

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Sour plum soup is a good product for relieving heat. It is combined with papaya to make papaya plum jelly, which is sweet and sour and appetizing.
Chill it when you're done, it tastes even better. Haha, in the hot summer, take a bite of cold papaya plum jelly, who can say that this is not a treat?


Papaya Plum Jelly

1. Cut the papaya from one end and use a small spoon to dig out the seeds

Papaya Plum Jelly recipe

2. Prepare half a bowl of sour plum soup, you can use sour plum powder to make it, or you can cook it yourself with ebony plum; soften the isinglass powder with cold water; add sour plum soup to the isinglass powder water and stir evenly

Papaya Plum Jelly recipe

3. You can put it on the fire and heat it up to make the fish gelatin powder slowly melt; when the sour plum soup becomes warm, pour it into the papaya, cover with plastic wrap and put it in the refrigerator until it is condensed, and cut into pieces when you eat

Papaya Plum Jelly recipe
Papaya Plum Jelly recipe


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