Papaya Soup

Papaya Soup

by hlybb

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I am a Cantonese, and I especially like to drink soup. When I am at home, I can have no other dishes. I can just drink the soup. Today I will introduce a soup-papaya soup. Everyone can try


Papaya Soup

1. Papaya soup can actually be boiled with pork bone soup, pork rib soup, chicken soup, pigeon, etc. There is no problem. My pot today is pork tube bone soup. The tube bones are directly watered to remove the blood. Pour in the right amount of water, start to boil on high heat, turn to low heat and continue to boil for 60 minutes

Papaya Soup recipe

2. In the bone soup, let’s process the papaya. My papaya is bigger today, so I used half of it. Usually, it depends on personal preference. If you eat more papaya, you can choose the size freely.

Papaya Soup recipe

3. Let's peel the papaya first, the papaya must be ripe enough, just use a paring knife to peel it directly, and cut it in half.

Papaya Soup recipe

4. Remove the black seeds in the middle.

Papaya Soup recipe

5. I am used to cutting off the two head and tail parts first.

Papaya Soup recipe

6. Put the two pieces of head and tail into the soup first.

Papaya Soup recipe

7. The remaining papaya is also cut into large pieces in this way. Don't cut into small pieces, otherwise it will be rotten and not distinguished.

Papaya Soup recipe

8. The bone soup is almost boiled, you can remove the big bones inside, and then put all the remaining papaya meat into the soup and continue to boil for 15 minutes. If you don't remove the bones, the stock pot is limited and you won't be able to put a few pieces of papaya in it.

Papaya Soup recipe

9. When the papaya soup is almost ready, add a little salt to season it, and cook for two or three minutes before it is out of the pot. The papaya soup is really super delicious, adults and children love it.

Papaya Soup recipe


The best papaya for making soup is fruit papaya, that is, the rounder the body, the better, I think the sweeter it is, and it must be cooked thoroughly before cutting it, otherwise the soup is not sweet enough.


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