Papaya and Apple Soup

Papaya and Apple Soup

by Purple rhyme

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It is well known that papaya can enhance breasts, nourish skin, clear breasts, slim legs, lose weight (lowering fat), lower blood pressure, and is also a good anti-aging hand.
I remember that I used to eat local papaya. Local papaya is the most suitable for soup. After the soup is cooked, the papaya becomes very soft and the milky white soup is very sweet. I don't know since when the local papaya has been rare, even the papaya grown at home has become a fruit papaya. The variety has changed, and the soup produced is a bit different, but its nutritional content has not changed.


Papaya and Apple Soup

1. Prepare the required materials.

Papaya and Apple Soup recipe

2. Wash the papaya and peel it, cut it in half, and scoop out the seeds.

Papaya and Apple Soup recipe

3. Cut the papaya into small pieces, wash and remove the core of the apple and cut into small pieces.

Papaya and Apple Soup recipe

4. Wash the lean meat and cut into thin slices.

Papaya and Apple Soup recipe

5. Take two slices of ginger and cut into strips and add them to the lean meat.

Papaya and Apple Soup recipe

6. Add salt, corn starch, sugar, oil, chicken essence, soy sauce, cooking wine.

Papaya and Apple Soup recipe

7. Then mix well and marinate for 5 minutes.

Papaya and Apple Soup recipe

8. Add an appropriate amount of water to the pot, add two slices of ginger, and then add apples. Bring to a boil on high heat.

Papaya and Apple Soup recipe

9. Add the cut papaya, bring to a boil on high heat, then turn to medium heat and cook for 15 minutes.

Papaya and Apple Soup recipe

10. Then add the marinated lean meat to the papaya soup.

Papaya and Apple Soup recipe

11. Cook until the lean meat is cooked thoroughly and add some salt to taste.

Papaya and Apple Soup recipe


1. Tips for buying papaya: There are male and female papaya. The male melon is oval, heavy, with few cores and firm flesh, sweet and fragrant. The mother melon is slightly longer, with more nuclei and floss, and the taste is slightly worse. Raw papaya or half-cooked ones are more suitable for soup; if you want to eat raw fruits, you should choose more ripe melons. When the papaya is ripe, the skin is yellow and the taste is particularly sweet. The skin has dark spots and has begun to deteriorate, and the sweetness, fragrance and nutrition have been destroyed.
2. The papaya alkaloid in papaya is slightly toxic to the human body. Do not eat too much each time. People with allergies should take it with caution.
3. Raw papaya or unripe papaya can be buried in rice to speed up the ripening speed of papaya.


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