Papaya Fish Head Soup

Papaya Fish Head Soup

by Autumn is a fairy tale

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Papaya has a high moisture content of about 89% and a low calorie content. Papaya has a small amount of fat, among which the content of unsaturated fatty acids is relatively high. Unsaturated fatty acids can excrete excess cholesterol from the body


Papaya Fish Head Soup

1. Wash the fish head and cut into 4 pieces, peel the ginger and crack it

Papaya Fish Head Soup recipe

2. Peel the papaya and cut into 0.3cm thick slices

Papaya Fish Head Soup recipe

3. Heat an appropriate amount of oil in a hot pan, fry the fish head until golden on both sides, add ginger and sauté

Papaya Fish Head Soup recipe

4. Transfer the fish and ginger to another pot, add appropriate amount of hot water, and bring to a boil

Papaya Fish Head Soup recipe

5. Fry the papaya after it's been fried

Papaya Fish Head Soup recipe

6. Pour the fried papaya into the fish soup, cover and cook together for about 8 minutes until the papaya is cooked

Papaya Fish Head Soup recipe

7. Add coriander before serving

Papaya Fish Head Soup recipe


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