Pork Ribs Papaya Soup

Pork Ribs Papaya Soup

by Danxia 4462

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When winter comes, you should drink more soup, which is good for your body. In cold winter, you can drink a bowl of soup which is very warm. I like to eat papaya. It is good to eat raw or stewed peach gum. I just picked two Papaya is used to make pork rib soup. Two varieties of papaya are used for the soup, otherwise the soup will be too sweet. Papaya is a tropical fruit with a good taste and rich nutritional value. Papaya is rich in papaya enzymes, which can help lubricate the skin. Dao’s vitamin C content is 48 times that of apples. With the ability of papaya enzyme to help digestion, it can eliminate toxins in the body as soon as possible, which is very good for the body.


Pork Ribs Papaya Soup

1. Wash the papaya and peel off the skin, wash the ribs and set aside

Pork Ribs Papaya Soup recipe

2. Pour the ribs into the cleaned casserole

Pork Ribs Papaya Soup recipe

3. Pour the ribs into the cleaned casserole

Pork Ribs Papaya Soup recipe

4. .Pour in the right amount of water, bring to a boil on high fire, and remove the blood on the surface

Pork Ribs Papaya Soup recipe

5. Then turn to low heat and simmer for 45 minutes to add papaya

Pork Ribs Papaya Soup recipe

6. Boil until the papaya is soft and rotten, add the wolfberry, and then season with a proper amount of salt.

Pork Ribs Papaya Soup recipe

7. it is done

Pork Ribs Papaya Soup recipe


I chose two kinds of papaya. The fruit papaya is sweeter. Adding a normal papaya to the soup will not be too sweet. It is very suitable. The color matches well and looks good on the ribs. I was lazy and did not blanch the water, but the blood was removed in the soup. The water color of Mohe Fat Soup is clearer, with less fat and purines, which makes it healthy to drink


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