Pastoral Pork Soup

Pastoral Pork Soup

by Chen Huan

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The ribs soup with vegetables has a light vegetable sweetness. Although it is a little bit oily, it is not greasy at all. The ribs are soft and rotten, and the bones can be removed with a light bite. The vegetables are also very delicious because they suck enough gravy.


Pastoral Pork Soup

1. The main ingredients are spare, the ingredients are spare

Pastoral Pork Soup recipe

2. Clean the pork short ribs, chop them into chunks, blanch them, and rinse them well

Pastoral Pork Soup recipe

3. Add appropriate amount of water to the pot, add ginger slices, add blanched ribs, add two spoons of broth sauce

Pastoral Pork Soup recipe

4. Tender corn, washed, cut into large pieces, carrots peeled, washed, and cut into large pieces

Pastoral Pork Soup recipe

5. Peel the yam, cut into sections, boil the ribs for half an hour, add yam, carrots and corn

Pastoral Pork Soup recipe

6. Continue to cook for about 30 minutes, as the ribs are soft and rotten, add an appropriate amount of salt and put it in the pot.

Pastoral Pork Soup recipe
Pastoral Pork Soup recipe
Pastoral Pork Soup recipe


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