Pearl Ball Soup

Pearl Ball Soup

by Shui Qingqing

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Pearl ball soup, when I made pearl ball soup one day, there were a few left and I didn't finish it. In the evening, I added some shredded pumpkin and opened a bowl of pearl ball soup, which was light and refreshing.


Pearl Ball Soup

1. Ingredients: pearl balls, minced meat, add chives, salt, knead into small balls, then wrap in soft soaked glutinous rice and steam to make pearl balls

Pearl Ball Soup recipe

2. A bowl of broth

Pearl Ball Soup recipe

3. Pour the broth into the pot and boil

Pearl Ball Soup recipe

4. Put in the pumpkin shreds

Pearl Ball Soup recipe

5. Put some salt and cook the shredded pumpkin

Pearl Ball Soup recipe

6. Sprinkle chicken essence, chives, drizzle with sesame oil and bring to a boil

Pearl Ball Soup recipe

7. Steamed meatballs in a bowl

Pearl Ball Soup recipe

8. Pour in the cooked pumpkin soup

Pearl Ball Soup recipe


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