Ribs and Vegetable Soup

Ribs and Vegetable Soup

by Soybean family

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The elderly know that children like to eat sweet corn, so in recent times there are more and more ways to eat corn, such as: cooking directly, eating, frying, stewing soup, squeezing juice, making bread and so on. Let’s make it today. A seasonal vegetable soup with ribs in autumn and winter suitable for the whole family.


Ribs and Vegetable Soup

1. Chop the ribs into about 3 cm sections, rinse with clean water, boil water in the pot, and add the ribs after boiling (the water volume is about 3 cm below the ribs)

Ribs and Vegetable Soup recipe

2. When the ribs are cooked in the pot, prepare the corn, yam, and sweet potato. After the yam and sweet potato are peeled separately, cut the hob into pieces and cut the corn into sections.

Ribs and Vegetable Soup recipe

3. After the ribs are boiled, remove the floating foam on the water, add potatoes, carrots, black fungus and a little salt, cover the pressure cooker and press for 15 minutes.

Ribs and Vegetable Soup recipe
Ribs and Vegetable Soup recipe


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