Pearl Milk Tea

Pearl Milk Tea

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There is a kind of craving called mouth loneliness, probably to cope with this kind of loneliness, there is a kind of food in this world, although the figure is small, but it can be chewed to the old, this kind of food is a pearl!

If you ask Xiaoyu, what are the elements of the hottest dessert this summer? Must be brown sugar pearls! Brown sugar pearls do not only appear in drinks, whether it is fresh milk, wheel cakes, soufflés, puffs or cake rolls, as long as they are desserts, they will all be added to me! Jane! Beads! !

Recently, a friend asked, what should I do if I don’t have time to try DIY bubble tea desserts for myself? Well, I admit that the brown sugar pearls are quite troublesome to make, but you can also buy them online.

Of course, the bubble tea I am teaching you to make today is very suitable for friends who don’t have time. You can learn it at a glance! "


Pearl Milk Tea

1. Prepare a cup, pour 50g black tea powder and 200ml milk. (You can also make your own black tea!)

Pearl Milk Tea recipe

2. Stir the milk and tea powder evenly.

Pearl Milk Tea recipe

3. Same as above.

Pearl Milk Tea recipe

4. Prepare the finished cup and put 6-7 ice cubes.

Pearl Milk Tea recipe

5. Pour 30g of homemade black pearls into the cup.

Pearl Milk Tea recipe

6. Pour the well-stirred milk tea into the cup.

Pearl Milk Tea recipe

7. Give it a stir.

Pearl Milk Tea recipe

8. The homemade DIY bubble tea is finished. There is no need for complicated procedures, so it is very suitable for fast-paced friends!

Pearl Milk Tea recipe

9. The finished product!

Pearl Milk Tea recipe


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