Pickled Cucumber

Pickled Cucumber

by Love braised pork

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As an old Beijinger, pickles are a must for porridge, and even some families have a stack of pickles on the table anytime. There are many varieties of pickles in the old brand, but my family only likes pickled cucumbers, which have a squeaky texture. It’s very crispy, but as the price of pickles is getting better and better, it’s already much more expensive than meat, so I started researching and making it by myself. After experimentation, I came up with a formula that is very delicious, suitable for salty, and good taste It's crispy and squeaky when chewing, it's a must for porridge!


Pickled Cucumber

1. Wash the cucumber to remove the flesh

Pickled Cucumber recipe

2. After cutting into strips, add 11 grams of salt and marinate by hand for 3 hours

Pickled Cucumber recipe

3. Squeeze the marinated melon strips and spread them on the grilling net and blow them with an electric fan (if you don't have a grilling net, you can use the drawer of the steamer, anyway, if there is a hole for ventilation)

Pickled Cucumber recipe

4. Cut dried chili into sections, slice ginger and garlic and set aside.

Pickled Cucumber recipe

5. Blend 300 grams of light soy sauce and 100 grams of dark soy sauce in a pot and boil

Pickled Cucumber recipe

6. After boiling, add an aniseed 15 peppercorns, turn off the heat and let cool for later use.

Pickled Cucumber recipe

7. The cucumber strips are blown until they are wilted, and they should be reduced by at least half. (My electric fan is small, so I blow it for four hours)

Pickled Cucumber recipe

8. Put garlic slices and ginger slices in a glass box

Pickled Cucumber recipe

9. Put the melon strips of the sizzling bar in a glass box, pour the cool soy sauce in, cover the lid, refrigerate and marinate for one day before eating.

Pickled Cucumber recipe


1 Cucumber must be stuffed.
2 After marinating, be sure to blow it up and soak in soy sauce to make it crispy.


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