Pickled Duxian (bacon Version)

Pickled Duxian (bacon Version)

by Golden ham gourmet kitchen

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There are few things in the world that are more desirable than "eating spring". Everything that is fresh and tender is the tip of the tongue given to the world by spring! Four seasons, no food from time to time.

As a special spring delicacy, it's time to eat "fresh" and "tender" in your stomach!


Pickled Duxian (bacon Version)

1. Peel off the shell of bamboo shoots, wash and cut into hob blocks. Throw away the oldest roots. Blanch the water to remove the astringency, just a minute or two after the water boils.

Pickled Duxian (bacon Version) recipe

2. Cut bacon and chop ribs.

Pickled Duxian (bacon Version) recipe

3. After washing the bacon and ribs, add ginger slices and rice wine to a pot under cold water. During the period, you should skim the foam from time to time, remove and rinse with warm water.

Pickled Duxian (bacon Version) recipe

4. Put the bacon and spare ribs into the pot together, add ginger slices, hot water, and boil slowly for 30 minutes.

Pickled Duxian (bacon Version) recipe

5. Add bamboo shoots, cover and simmer for 15 minutes.

Pickled Duxian (bacon Version) recipe


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