Pickled Fresh

Pickled Fresh

by Golden ham gourmet kitchen

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In the early morning of spring, it is not the alarm clock and dreams that wake up, but the "spring thunder". Lie on the bed and feel your stomach, it's time to eat marinated duxian.

After being out of the pot, the creamy white soup, the tender yellow spring bamboo shoots, and the pink bacon all looked like a spring scene in the south of the Yangtze River. A piece of bacon + a piece of bamboo shoots, meat and vegetable combined to bite down, delicious, crisp and refreshing, and a sip of soup, almost fresh eyebrows.


Pickled Fresh

1. 1. Add ginger slices, cooking wine, and cold water into the pot to blanch the golden light bacon.

Pickled Fresh recipe

2. 2. Take out the bacon and slice it for later use.

Pickled Fresh recipe

3. 3. Cut the pork belly into pieces, add ginger slices and blanch for later use.

Pickled Fresh recipe

4. 4. Cut the spring bamboo shoots into hob pieces, add a little salt, and blanch them for later use.

Pickled Fresh recipe

5. 5. Put light bacon, spring bamboo shoots, and pork belly into the pot together.

Pickled Fresh recipe

6. 6. After the high fire is boiled, turn to low fire for 1 hour.

Pickled Fresh recipe

7. 7. It's out of the pot.

Pickled Fresh recipe


To peel off the shells of the spring bamboo shoots, first draw a knife along the bamboo shoots. After breaking it along the incision, the shell of the bamboo shoot can be easily taken off.


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