Light Bacon Bento

Light Bacon Bento

by Golden ham gourmet kitchen

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The golden-character light bacon is salty and delicious, with the sweetness of snow peas, which is like the taste of spring, even the colleagues at the next table grabbed it.


Light Bacon Bento

1. 1. Boil light bacon in water for 5 minutes and slice for later use.

Light Bacon Bento recipe

2. 2. Remove the stems and stems of snow peas, cross the mushrooms, add salt and cook.

Light Bacon Bento recipe

3. 3. Put the hot oil in the pan, saute the minced garlic, add light bacon and snow peas in turn, stir fry to get the fragrance.

Light Bacon Bento recipe

4. 4. Sprinkle the rice with black sesame seeds and put them into the bento box one by one.

Light Bacon Bento recipe


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