【lamei Shuangpin Claypot Rice】

【lamei Shuangpin Claypot Rice】

by Golden ham

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Lamei Claypot Rice is the second greatest comfort for Chinese people in winter besides hot pot. Putting Lamei and rice together and simmering, the aroma of rice and meat will come out. After you are satisfied, your body and mind will be warm. stand up. As the soul of claypot rice, the scented golden sausage and golden bacon are definitely more attractive.


【lamei Shuangpin Claypot Rice】

1. After the rice is washed, add water and put it in a pot to boil.

【lamei Shuangpin Claypot Rice】 recipe

2. After washing the small greens, boil the water in the pot, add some salt and a few drops of oil, and then blanch them.

【lamei Shuangpin Claypot Rice】 recipe

3. Boil the golden sausage and golden bacon in boiling water for 5 minutes, remove them and put them in the boiling rice.

【lamei Shuangpin Claypot Rice】 recipe

4. Close the lid and cook until the rice is exposed.

【lamei Shuangpin Claypot Rice】 recipe

5. Take out the sausage and bacon, cut them into slices and re-spread them.

【lamei Shuangpin Claypot Rice】 recipe

6. Drizzle a circle of corn oil along the side of the rice, place the small greens, drizzle the sauce made of soy sauce and soup, sprinkle with chili and chopped green onions.

【lamei Shuangpin Claypot Rice】 recipe


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